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App Game Kit* and the .NET Framework

AGK Wrapper for .NET is a C++/CLI project designed to wrap the App Game Kit engine for use with .NET languages like C# and Visual Basic.

What is App Game Kit? Why use it?

AGK is a cross platform development tool by The Game Creators with a fast 2D engine powered by OpenGL. AGK's ease of use and strong feature set (including integrated physics) make it an excellent tool for 2D game creation.

AGK Wrapper for .NET

What does it do?
AGK Wrapper for .NET provides access to static methods of the "agk" class from the App Game Kit library, in a mostly one-to-one translation. These provide an easy to understand, procedurally-styled approach to game development.

What does it NOT do?
AGK Wrapper for .NET does not extend the functionality of AGK - even though you can now use it with C# and Visual Basic, you cannot run AGK on additional platforms such as Windows Phone 7 or Xbox 360. It also does not provide wrappers for AGK's undocumented OOP model.

Does it have any additional dependencies?
AGK Wrapper for .NET requires the AGK static library to build, available as part of the full App Game Kit product. If you already have it installed, the static library is on your computer.

Why use AGK Wrapper for .NET?
AGK Wrapper for .NET is a simple and easy way to access the AGK engine from your favorite .NET programming language. If you are planning on targeting solely Windows, this wrapper allows you to create your entire game in these powerful languages. Alternatively, it can be used to prototype advanced game designs that will later be implemented in C++, or as an introduction to AGK from a language you are comfortable with.

*Note: This is a community wrapper for AGK. It is not an official AGK product. It has been developed independently and is available here in the hopes that, if updates cannot be provided, the wrapper can still be useful.

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